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My clients can say it million times better than I can.  Read my lovely client testimonials and case studies which are updated regularly.

Clare B

Exning, Suffolk

Lisa is not only a lovely lady who puts you at ease very quickly, she is very good at what she does. My husband and I tried to fall pregnant for well over a year.  I have endometriosis so it was always going to be hard. 1 session with Lisa over ovulation period and I fell pregnant that month.  I would highly recommend for anyone trying to fall pregnant!  By the way I was massively sceptical of any 'hippy' therapy but I am now a convert.

Jane H


What a fantastic experience, thank you so much Lisa for making me feel so at ease. I am thrilled to have discovered Reiki and feel with your help and guidance, it is going to be a life-changer.

Neil Prem


Absolutely fantastic! I sought help over some long standing health issues and after two sessions I feel so much better. Lisa is a true professional, caring and really fun to work with. I highly recommend her.

Debbie Bailey

Offord Cluny, St Ives, Cambs

Lisa is great! When I was pregnant and feeling very tired I saw her for a few sessions of Reiki. It was wonderful - I felt so revived. Totally recommend it! Since having my daughter I have had further treatments...works a treat for my personal well-being and energy levels".   ​​


Fordham, Suffolk

I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for Gorjuss tonight. It was wonderful for me to see him revert to his younger, happy self and it's a lovely memory for me to have when the time comes. He's just wolfed down a larger-than-usual supper and seems very settled in his new bed. I will observe him over the next couple of days and let you know how he is. And, again, my thanks. Best wishes.


Sawston, Cambs

I have been coming to Lisa for over a year now and the Reiki sessions leave me with an incredible sense of well-being. I walk in drained and generally feeling the woes of a hectic day-to-day life and as a result of the treatment I leave feeling rested, calm and generally more positive. Lisa puts you at ease with her friendly and relaxed manner and having Reiki is something I really look forward to.  I really notice the difference if I don't have Reiki for a while and I would recommend it to anyone as it has made such an improvement to my life - I now feel that I can cope with most things that are thrown at me. Thanks Lisa!   L

LB, Norfolk

May 2017

Thank you so much I have found the Reiki very helpful and feel much better than I did before we began the sessions :) I'm now feeling in a place where I want to start practicing reiki more myself which is so lovely :) Thank you for everything, much love and best wishes.


Bedford, Cambs

Yesterday I had an amazing distance Reiki session from Raydiance Reiki. OMG it truly was amazing tho feeling 

absolutely exhausted since then but have woken very positive this morning which is somewhat of a change these

days. So excited for next weeks session. Highly recommend.

MS, Norfolk


Haha, you are right on the money again (Reiki never fails to amaze me).

ID, Newmarket

Add Date here

I would like to say thank you for the free Reiki. I have to agree about the ear and the man. I had lovely warm feeling in my leg, but I had a migraine headache all night and all day today, which I  never had before, I guess all the bad things got out of my head now. I really hope so.


Tessa McGinn

Ely, Cambs

I wanted to say thank you properly for the Reiki, your input and your friendship. With the Reiki it wasn't the easiest

ride to begin with ... however, it has really helped me refocus on the who, what and where of my life ...

I also started meditating again 2 days ago with most interesting and strangely calming results".


Huntingdon, Cambridge

Just to say thank you for another lovely Reiki. I felt better straight away, and have been feeling very calm and relaxed.In fact must be feeling good as have tackled and sorted out the dreaded christmas arrangements!. Thank you, it's amazing how wonderful it is! Take care"

Sophie Palmer


I have attended Lisa’s Reiki sessions now for several years. Lisa and the environment are warm and welcoming.​ The experience of Reiki is different each time, presumably dependent on what is going on in my life. What is consistent is that afterwards, I feel ‘whole’ again and deeply relaxed. It is rewarding time spent just for me with no one wanting or demanding anything. The experience increases my spiritual awareness and makes me feel at peace and as ‘one’ with the environment and surroundings . After the experience Lisa is happy to listen to my experience with complete open-mindedness. In essence it is a beautiful and rewarding experience which is down to Lisa’s experience, knowledge and wonderful gift."

Darryl Nantais

Linton, Cambridge

Lisa has an indefinable and inimitable gift, coupled with her in-depth understanding of human nature, she is able to apply Reiki with special results.

Tom H.

Qatar. UAE

Well you hit it right on the head at the start. I was indeed sceptical and questioned this approach, but then I just tried to put that out of my mind and focused on relaxing and settling my thoughts. I'm certain I did fall into slumber half way through. And yes, I do crave intimacy and want to give my all to someone. Yes, I do feel unloved and quite lonely. I appreciate your feedback and I appreciate you immensely!!! You were 'spot on' target.


Bedford, Cambs

As for my experience. Well, for the first 20 minutes I was in the chair, relaxing with a bit of Vivaldi playing.

And I have to say I was expecting to feel relaxed, but not to the extent that I did by the time I was interrupted.

That's really quite astounding. I felt calm and centred, more than could be attributed to 20 minutes relaxation alone

Mirjam Dekker

Kedington, Suffolk

My first treatment with Lisa really relaxed me giving me serenity I was much in need of without realising it; the second left me bursting with energy and confidence. 

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