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How Reiki can help 

You may have noticed that it’'s getting more and more difficult to find your ‘get up and go’ . Perhaps you feel that you lack your old sparkle and that everything has just become one huge effort?  

Reiki doesn't just work on the physical level, it also helps with emotional symptoms. It can cause suppressed feelings to surface and energy blocks to be released. So If you are feeling tired and stressed, it revitalises you. If you are nervous and anxious, it can soothe and relax you and help you sleep. Whatever emotional disturbance you are suffering from, it can help you feel more detached, less worried and more able to deal with these and many other problems.

When you experience pain, illness or disease, it is believed that your body is out of balance. This imbalance is created by a blockage in the energy centers of the body, known as Chakras. This healing force is said to be transferred and directed through the hands of a trained practitioner. This energy is then passed from the attuned practitioner into these energy centers, to help balance, cleanse and heal them.

Since Reiki aims to embody a four-fold approach, its benefits are listed under all four areas. Below are some of the conditions with which people approach Reiki, in the hope of relief for the accompanying symptoms.

Work with me to:

  • Maintain your overall physical, emotional and mental balance
  • Feel physically well, revitalised, restored and rejuvenated.
  • Boost and maintain your emotional and physical energy levels
  • Release any feelings of negativity, feeling stuck in a rut, the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Release any emotional issues that are holding you back and preventing you moving forward
  • Raise your confidence and self-esteem, balance emotions, bringing calm and clarity
  • Boost your personal power and motivation
  • Realise your potential, see the possibilities, restore your spirit
  • Transform how you approach problems and insecurities


Physical conditions: Back pain. headaches, migraine. Fibromyalgia. exhaustion, general tiredness and chronic fatigue. skin disorders. auto-immune disorders. Cancer, thyroid imbalances., IBS, Chrohn's Disease, PMT, menopause, post-natal depression. 

Reiki is known to speed recovery both pre and post surgery and injury.

Emotional conditions: Fears and panic. Low self-esteem. Emotional disengagement, remoteness. Inability to cope. Feeling inadequate or out of place. Anger or jealousy.  Grief and bereavement. 

Reiki has been found to sooth and comfort people in times of personal stress and crisis.

Mental conditions: Variety of stress-related conditions from anxiety and depression to confusion and lack of concentration. ADD  & ADHD (Attention Deficit & Hyperactive disorders}. Sleep problems and negative thinking. On the positive side, Reiki has been found to aid inner clarity, wisdom, intuition and awareness, and some use this aspect to prepare for an exam or work challenge.



​Spiritual conditions: Disconnection from self & life. Spiritual seeking. Loss of personal power. Not knowing life direction or purpose. Being haunted by the past, and unable to forgive. Fear of death.

There are many cases in which individuals with chronic and terminal conditions have chosen Reiki energy in their last moments to ease and help them accept the process of death.






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