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Reiki is for guys too!

There is no doubt that more women than men are drawn to complimentary therapies.

Attend any massage, reflexology or yoga course and you are guaranteed that men will be outnumbered by women by at least three to one.


Women innately view things holistically and it is little wonder that an interest in holistic therapies would be a consequence of that fact.


Communication is Key


Men tend to be more practical than women and are often put off by the way complimentary therapies are explained. As a practical, open minded person who knows the benefits Reiki has to offer, I sometimes cringe at the way Reiki is presented.


Stating that Reiki is a Universal Energy that works is not enough to satisfy the inquiring minds of most men.  It is a treatment that is very difficult to explain and clients often say that when asked by family and friends to define Reiki, they have a hard time explaining exactly how it works!  You truly do have to experiece it to understand its nature. 


Science versus blind faith


We live in an age when quantum physics is beginning to understand the reason why some natural energy therapies work. Reiki is being used in hospitals worldwide, and there have been some interesting studies done to bring more credibility to Reiki e.g, treating inmates in prison, working with teenag

ers with behaviourial issues etc.


All of this information is available at our fingertips. Yet, it is not outlined in any great way when Reiki healing or Reiki courses are being explained to men.


Investigative minds are a wonderful thing


I love the way the male mind loves testing out Reiki. In actual fact I rather like the often skeptical approach to Reiki as this just challenges me to change the thought process and in every case so far, I have.


The Benefits of Reiki are many


So if you have come this far and are reading this page, then you hopefully are ready to investigate having a Reiki treatment.  Reiki can treat pretty much everything so if you're feeling the effects of workplace stress, going through a relationship difficulty, suffering with depression, or are physically unwell, I can help. Call for a free consultation with no obligation.


...and if you're still not convinced!


Try a distance Reiki treatment, a shorter, yet very powerful 20 minute blast of pure Reiki that goes to you at home, at work, on the train, in your hotel or wherever you are at a time convenient for you.  

Absolutely fantastic!


I sought help over some long standing health issues and after two sessions I feel so much better.


Lisa is a true professional, caring and really fun to work with. I highly recommend her."


Neil Prem, Cambridge

As a die hard skeptic, I had to be persuaded to try a distance Reiki session.


Your feedback was often accurate and insightful and the 'mind reading' was impressive but I'd sooner call it intuition.  


What I found most beneficial was the transference of energy.  I'm not unaccustomed to the benfits of meditation, and after our sessions, I felt more centered and positive than I could account for.


This is the only appointment you can sleep through and still reap the benefits!


RB, Bedford

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