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It is often said that a human is a rainbow of colours. Evey colour has its own meaning,

and each affects you in a uniquely different and profound way.


The psychology of colour has been used for generations. Colour has power.

It can stimulate or sedate, excite or calm, feel hot or cold, irritate or bring pleasure,

generate feelings of passion or uplift us spiritually.  Understanding colour opens

up a new dimension to our awareness.


Colour can also transform our environment  and increase our productivity. It

can enhance our social life, and improve our state of health.  It can be used to

develop our self-awareness and make us more fully alive and more 

colourful human beings.


Every Reiki treatment will incorporate some aspect of colour therapy into it. Every 

chakra (energy centre) has a corresponding colour so it can often indicate a

blockage or weakness if a particular colour is seen and felt during a treatment.

This can very often tell me what is going on energetically in your system.


Colour heals on many levels and during your Reiki post-consultation, you may be

recommended to wear, clothing or jewellery in a certain colour, eat particular

coloured foods or burn a candle/incense which corresponds to the chakra's colour.

Crystals are also useful in the process to help cleanse and detoxify certain areas.


Colour is a celebration of life - enjoy the journey!



Colour Therapy

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