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Case Studies


As a counsellor and therapist in my own right, care-giving is a vocation that can affect the facilitator simply as a bi-product of the very nature of the work we engage in. We, as therapists are far from immune to emotional turbulence, and any subsequent loss of optimal performance. With appropriate self-awareness we skilled enough to be in a position to recognise depleting resilience and engage our own therapeutic alliances.In Lisa Eden I have found such a resource! Receiving Reiki on a regular basis from someone as skilled, warm and empathic as Lisa provides me with the crucial emotional maintenance necessary, which allows me to provide that which my clients seek without compromise to myself, or those I work with. Open to anyone it's perhaps unnecessary to be a therapist to gain the benefits of Reiki, but if you are, I wholeheartedly recommend you try it for yourself.    

Bob Brotchie DipCoun/Psyc/CBT.


I, like lots of people over time, had built up some unhelpful blocks in my life, gained lots of stress, found it difficult to “switch-off” and I was not running on a full battery of energy; all of which were restricting me in living my life to its full potential. Lisa offered to help me by giving me four Reiki treatments and boy I am glad I took that offer!  Lisa has a natural gift with her Reiki hands and it wasn’t long before I was beginning to feel the effects in my attitude to life and energy levels. Over each of the sessions I noticed a steady improvement and changes on a subtle level which had magnifying effects on my overall life and on me.​


The Reiki took me to a relaxed place where I could find calmness, healing and also personal insights of inner wisdom which I could use to improve my life. Without going into personal details, my life became more balanced and positive and I was able to move on from some personal issues which had been draining my energy and were holding me back. I found that the cost of the four treatments was little sacrifice to the overall positive experience and benefits I have thus gained from receiving Reiki.​​T​he empathic, relaxing and confidential nature, which are Lisa’s speciality, meant I was always in good hands. Coupled with the relaxing setting, I would find myself drifting off and giving up any stresses and anxieties and moving forward with a more positive step. Thanks Lisa.

David Wood, Cambridge


​Before I had met Lisa Eden I had been suffering from severe anxiety issues and depression for about 5 years. I never found time for myself, I was always stressed and I was constantly on-the-go. I had previously tried many different medications, counselling sessions and seen a psychologist but none of which had helped me the way that Reiki has. I had never heard of Reiki until I was introduced to Lisa and by gosh am I glad to have met her. As many people do, at first, I shied away from the idea as I did not understand what Reiki therapy entailed until one day I thought, “What have I got to lose?”


On-going to the first session I found myself feeling very anxious, (as I DID have a fear of the unknown), but once I was with Lisa and we began chatting I soon became very relaxed and I remember thinking it was the most relaxed and calm that I had been in years.  Even after the first session I had noticed an improvement in my day to day behaviour, body language, appearance and even sleep. From then on, after each session I had noticed gradual improvements and most of all I had not had an anxiety attack in almost 2 months, which was a satisfying surprise.​


Reiki seemed like my own “little bubble” to where I could relax and feel comfortable enough to express inner anxieties that I had held inside me for years. I even recall voicing suppressed memories which I had not spoken to anyone about for years as I knew I could trust Lisa and feel safe in her presence. It literally felt like releasing a weight of my chest. The tranquil setting and nurturing nature of Lisa always allowed me to extract my anxieties and even in a couple of cases I felt so relaxed that I drifted off to sleep. Even-though I found myself feeling quite drained after some of the sessions, this actually gave me the time to relax and do nothing for once in my home environment, whereas before Reiki, I constantly had to keep myself busy to keep my mind preoccupied. This helped me realise that there was no harm in my actually chilling out once in a while.


Lisa Eden has dramatically improved my quality of life through Reiki and I am very grateful to her for that. I don’t know how she does it but this inspirational and talented lady can work wonders. She has helped open my eyes to the world and opportunities around me which has and IS making me a better person. Thank you so much Lisa (and your magic hands!). ​

KB, Cambridge​

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